Publications from 2013

National Equality and Diversity Awards 2016 programme, 2017


  Baltic Pride 2016 Photo Book, 2016



Toolkit for the Law Enforcement Bodies: Accomodating the Needs of the Victims of Homophobic and Transphobic Hate Crimes, 2016  

 The Impact of Hate Crime: Understanding the Needs of Persons Who Experience Homophobic or Transphobic Violence or Harrasment, 2016

Active Rainbow Booklet: from Personal Roots to Local Actions, 2016

Share your Colors Toolkit, 2016

#TRANS_LT: Documenting Experiences of Transgender People in Employment, 2016

BP16 Gala Dinner Programme, 2016

BP16 Conference Programme, 2016

BP16 Pride Voices Programme, 2016

Official BP16 Programme, 2016

Domestic and Dating Violence Against LBT Women in EU, 2016

Action Plan on Non-Discrimination of LGBT* People 2015-2020, Lithuania, 2015

“Homophobic Bullying in Lithuanian Schools: Survey Results and Recommendations”, 2015

A Significant Vote for Human Rights, 2014

Being an LGBT in Lithuania, 2014

Everything you want to know about LGL, 2014

Baltic Pride Vilnius 2013 (photo album), 2014

Homophobic and transphobic hate crimes in Lithuania: LGL monitoring report, 2013

Equality and divesity in the NGO sector: Good Practices of Integration of Equal Opportunities in Lithuania, 2013

Exhibition: “From Dusk till Dawn – 20 years of LGBT Freedom in Lithuania”, 2013

International Human Rights Conference “Towards a European Roadmap for LGBT Equality”, 2013

“Baltic Pride 2013” programme

Monitoring Implementation of the Council of Europe Recommendation CM/Rec(2010)5, 2013