Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find answers to the questions you may have about volunteering. If you think that we’ve missed something, let us know by sending an e-mail to:

What is LGL and why does it need volunteers?

LGL is a nonprofit non-governmental organization (NGO), which is the only one in Lithuania that openly declares being a strictly LGBT rights organization. Just like with most of NGOs here in Lithuania, the funding of LGL is completely dependent on its project work, the support it receives as well as a dedicated and well-motivated team. Volunteers are an inseparable part of this team, without which it would not be possible to organize most events, execute activities or provide services. Moreover, the area of LGBT rights is not that developed in Lithuania. The volunteers at LGL are often part of the LGBT community themselves, that is why them being here and their rotation brings in new ideas and helps keep up with the relevant problems of the community.

Are we always looking for new volunteers?

Yes, LGL gives their volunteers an opportunity to join at any time. However, there are periods of time when the organization especially needs help and extra volunteers for the bigger events like the Baltic Pride 2016 or filming video clips, etc.

How many people volunteer at LGL?

LGL volunteer numbers are not very consistent. The number of people who are volunteers, interns or EVS volunteers varies from 5 to 10.

Who can be a volunteer?

Anyone can be a volunteer as long as they are willing to contribute to the LGL activities and goal realization.

I am a person of older age, can I still volunteer?

Of course! LGL is open for all who are interested in volunteering.

I am heterosexual, can I still volunteer?

Of course! LGL is open for all who are interested in volunteering.

I do not want any information about my volunteering at LGL to spread, can I still join?

Yes, you can. No information about you will be publicized without your approval. We always ask people for permission before publishing their pictures.

What do LGL volunteers do?

Volunteer work is very broad, it not only depends on what the organization needs but also on what the volunteer enjoys doing, is experienced in and has time for.
Some of our volunteers enjoy drawing, so their works adorn our posters and cards; other volunteers have good writing skills and we gladly publish their articles on our website; there are also those who are interested in movies, know a lot of interesting and beneficial ones, that is why they undertake organizing film viewings and discussions; there are even those who enjoy knitting, they lead knitting workshops for the LGBT community; volunteers who enjoy interacting with others are helpful in the communication area. LGL volunteers contribute to updating the webpage, event organizing, the most necessary (though not the most interesting) office jobs. During their first days in LGL each volunteer decides on the type of their work and its amount together with the volunteer coordinator.

Is volunteering very time consuming?

Volunteering can be very diverse. Volunteers can involve themselves in the organization’s activities for a few hours per week or even come help out with more than one task in the office each day, actively participate in teamwork with other volunteers and employees. During their first days in LGL the volunteer discusses the duration of their work with the coordinator.

Why should I volunteer?

• Because you can improve your communication skills and boost your confidence;
• Because you can find like-minded people and friends. you would become an active part of the LGBT community;
• Because you can increase your motivation and you would get satisfaction from doing useful work;
• Because you could try new activities and become more experienced;
• Because you can get to know many diverse people: lawyers, artists, human rights activists, politicians, etc.;
• Because volunteering positively affects a person’s mental and physical health;
• Because like this you will spend your free time usefully.

Are volunteers taught how to do their jobs?

Volunteers are always helped and given advice. They are consulted and taught by the volunteer coordinator, other LGL employees and volunteers, who can help with advice or with answers to various questions. Volunteering at LGL can be a great chance to learn specific skills needed for employment. Such as: editing or updating a website; writing various official papers, complaints or projects; organizing various meetings, events, conferences, etc.

What should I do if I have decided to volunteer at LGL?

That’s great! Email our volunteer coordinator at . Introduce yourself, you can add a CV if you want, or a short motivation (so we could get to know you better, what you like, what are your expectations and so on). You will be contacted immediately and we will decide on a time for a meeting, when you will be able to meet the LGL team, see the office and introduce yourself.

Who should I talk to about volunteering at LGL?

You can get answers to any questions from our volunteer coordinator. Contact them at
However if you want to find out more from someone who has had firsthand experience with the LGL volunteer work, contact the people who are currently volunteering or have volunteered before. Our volunteer coordinator can give you their contacts or you could simply find them in the “People” section of our website.

When can I begin?

You will decide when and how you can contribute to LGL with our volunteer coordinator. A big part of that depends on what you want. If you would like to help with organizing events, you would only be able to contribute when such events draw near. But if you want to help the LGL team with daily office work you can at any time.

I am currently studying/working at a part time job, can I still volunteer?

Even when we are busy most of the time, we can always find some time for something that is dear to us. Volunteering is work that we take on willingly and with a smile on our faces. Volunteers arrange what kind of work they want to do and how much time they can devote to it. So if you want to be part of LGL you just have to let us know what you prefer doing, how much time you have for it and we will find an optimal solution. It could be barely a few hours or a few days each week.

Will my expenses related to volunteering be paid for?

When volunteers have to cover some expenses related to their work (travelling to other cities, food and other expenses while in conferences or other outings) they have to let us know about them so LGL could cover them.

How can volunteering be useful to my future career?

Volunteering can be great help for developing various skills and practical knowledge, which will be valued by future employees.
While volunteering you will have many opportunities to take part in conferences, trainings, workshops, trips, in which you will be able to participate in lectures, discussions, seminars, you will meet many diverse and interesting people, working in the human rights area in both Lithuania and abroad. This way you will not only learn more about human rights and how to achieve them but you will also improve your communication and English skills.
LGL can also be the place where you decide which direction you want your career to go in. Here you would be able to try a variety of jobs, starting with writing articles and ending with organizing international events. Getting your ideas implemented and constantly taking up different work so you could find what you like most is very satisfactory.
Furthermore, the whole LGL team works with specialists of various fields (lawyers, public relation specialists, sociologists, politicians, film directors, human rights defenders, journalists, artists). This means that volunteers are also welcome to get to know them, observe their work and artistic processes, help out and learn something.

Will I get a recommendation after volunteering?

LGL will gladly give recognized volunteers recommendations, which would reflect the evaluation of the work they have done. Recommendations can be given both during and after volunteer work.

I don‘t speak Lithuanian, can I still volunteer?

Of course you can! LGL welcomes everyone who wants to join our goals and activities. There are quite a few international volunteers in LGL, therefore we use English in our work a lot.