A BI C – Bisexuality 101

  • Date: 21 Apr 2018 Time: 11:00 Location: LGBT* Centre Pylimo str. 21, LT-01141 Vilnius

A Bi C

What is bisexuality, what’s not bisexuality? What do bi people do or not do? Why does smoke come out of bisexual’s ears, when someone calls Freddie Mercury gay? What to do or not to do with bisexual friend/colleague/relative?
We’re inviting you to come down to the LGBT+ community centre, on April 21st, at 11:00, to hear and talk about bisexuality.
You think bisexuality doesn’t exist? – come!
Your sister came out as a bisexual and you don’t know what to do? – come!
You think people are just simply people and there’s no need to split them to bisexuals or others? – come!
You are bi/pan/can’t decide and don’t know any other person like this? – come!
In this meeting we will get to know each other, talk a lot and laugh. Come!

LGL is carrying out the 10-month project “Disappearing Borders: Empowering LGBT Community and Allies In Lithuania” under the Erasmus+ program EVS (European Voluntary Service).