LGL is now launching its Online Shop!

Today, the national LGBT* rights organization LGL embarked in a new adventure: a brand-new online shop to satisfy the demands of those who need perfectly designed and stylish items, whilst at the same time, they are eager to support the LGBT* cause.

Professional designers used their creativity to produce several lines of products, including “Time to act now” and one specifically designed for “Baltic Pride 2013”. Other items are currently being designed and LGL customers will be constantly updated upon newly released items via the LGL Facebook page.

In this online shop customers will find all LGL-branded merchandise: from bags to mugs, from hilarious and cheerful t-shirts, to politically charged and serious ones… everything was made to make LGL customers feel fabulously stylish.

But even more important, customer purchases will support a very good cause: promoting LGBT* rights and equality in Lithuania. As LGL is a non-profit organization (NGO), we really count on external donations to make the organization function and hold/organize a lot of activities, projects, initiatives and events so as to foster equality here in Lithuania, but also internationally. For further information about implemented and current projects, please click here.

Internet shopWhat else needs to be added? Feel free to explore our online shop and remember… please donate!