Police Refuses to Start Investigation into Threats Made against LGL

On January 29th, 2015 the national LGBT* rights association LGL received a decision by the Senior Investigator from the Vilnius Country Police Headquarters refusing to start a pre-trial investigation into the previous warning from the Lithuanian MP Algirdas Vaclovas Patackas about LGL facing a “massacre [as] in Paris”. The Senior Investigator concluded that “the Member of the Parliament of the Republic of Lithuania […] did not threaten to kill or to injure […] and only expressed his opinion.” Moreover, according to the Investigator, there is no basis to believe that the potential threat could have actually materialized, because it was expressed only on the internet.

The LGL’s complaint regarded the incident on January 18th, 2015, when the MP Patackas publicly warned the Board Chair of the national LGBT* human rights association LGL that the organization is “playing with fire” and that its activities might result in a “black, repulsive and totally unacceptable response” similar to that which “happened in Paris.” The statement by the MP was issued as a response to the organization’s humour-based suggestion to store 10-litas notes as LGBT* souvenirs. The full text of the MP’s declaration in English can be found here.

On January 19th, 2015 LGL lodged a complaint with the Police by requesting to question the MP Patackas about the possible threats to the LGBT* human rights defenders in Lithuania. The LGL Board Chair Vladimir Simonko was summoned to testify upon the incident on January 29th (i.e. 10 days after the original complaint was submitted). The testimony by Mr. Simonko was the only procedural measure taken by the Senior Investigator before issuing the official refusal to start the pre-trial investigation.

According to the LGL Board Chair, the refusal event to question the MP Patackas about possible threats to the national LGBT* rights association LGL is highly disturbing. “The Senior Investigator did not even try to figure out whether the MP in question had any relevant information about the acts of violence that he was referring to in his article. We are not only witnessing an extreme form of homophobic hate speech, but it seems that we do not have any legal avenues for addressing it,” – said Mr. Simonko.

LGL is planning on appealing against this decision by the Senior Investigator before the General Prosecutor.