Anti-LGBT* Candidate for Vilnius Mayor’s Office: “If I Am Elected there will be no Gay Parades”

On November 29, 2014 the Order and Justice Party has nominated a Member of the Lithuanian Parliament Petras Gražulis to run for Vilnius mayor’s office. “I can tell you that if I am elected, there will be no gay parades”, assured the candidate.

MP Gražulis, who chairs the Party’s political group in the Lithuanian parliament, has earned notoriety for his ardent anti-LGBT* positions. He was charged with disobeying police orders during a Baltic Pride event in 2010 and was forcefully escorted out of the site of the Baltic Pride 2013 March.

”Indeed, I have unexpectedly received a proposition to become the mayor of Vilnius. Yesterday I learned that my candidacy will be introduced as a mutual agreement in the Party. I did try to turn it down but I was not allowed to”, commented the candidate.

“If I were elected, I would try to impose order, which I think is lacking now. I sincerely tell you: I do not need the position of the Mayor of Vilnius. It is the city of Vilnius that calls for an independent and honest mayor. I am free, independent, resolute and principled. And I can tell you that if I am elected, there will be no gay parades”, insisted the MP Gražulis.

“Petras Gražulis is one of the best representatives of our Party, four times elected in a single-member constituency,” – argued the leader of the Lithuanian Order and Justice Party Rolandas Paksas. “He would surely give up his Parliament member’s mandate if elected as the Mayor of Vilnius. I have no doubt that a politician with such a biography would be chosen. Especially today, when our national values and traditional family have to be protected”, assured Mr Paksas.

The municipal election in Vilnius and other Lithuanian cities will be held on the 1st of March, 2015. For the first time in history the city mayors will be elected directly by citizens.