LGL Assists Police in Investigating Hate Crimes

National LGBT* rights organization LGL has many years of experience in cooperating with Lithuanian law enforcement authorities. We provide information and assist the members of the local LGBT* community, who become victims ofhate crimes or hate motivated incidents. LGL staff also assists in submitting complaints regarding violations of the Lawon Equal Opportunities. Similarly, LGL serves as a watchdog in observing hate speech on the Internet.

In October, 2014 LGL took yet another step forward by preparing a methodological publication “Hate Crimes” for Lithuanian police officers. This publication provides information on hate crimes against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT*) individuals. Although it is primarily designed for the interest of the police officers, it might be useful for all interested parties, who work with the victims of a hate crime, i.e. doctors, prosecutors, human rights activists and lawyers.

The publication answers the questions concerning identification and investigation of hate crimes against individuals based on their actual or perceived sexual orientation or gender identity. The provided materials also outline the experience of the victims ofhate crimes, discuss communication with individuals and communities, against which such crimes were committed, and introduce statistical data on the subject matter.

The information is presented in a simple, structured and understandable manner. The key concepts are explained at the beginning of the publication. The most common terms concerning hate crimes against LGBT* community are introduced in a glossary. The publication sums up the best practices in investigating and preventing hate crimes.

The methodological publication “Hate Crimes” is a new addition to the LGL’s public library and our website. It will be disseminated to the Lithuanian public libraries and to the institutions, which train police officers. LGL anticipates that the book will complement the knowledge of Lithuanian police officers and assist in quick and transparent investigation of hate crimes against LGBT* individuals.

“Hate crimes” is published as a part of the project “Towards Practical Implementation of LGBT* Rights in Lithuania” which is supported by the NGO Programme Lithuania, funded by EEA Grants.

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