Dutch Show Interest in Lithuania’s LGBT* Situation

Last Friday, October 10th, The Association LGL hosted a delegation from Dutch political party “Democrats 66”. The Dutch politicians, who ranged from just beginners to seasoned politicians, visited LGL to learn about the situation of politics and human rights in Lithuania.

Hans Hindriks, the leader of the delegation, volunteered in Vilnius a couple of years ago through the European Voluntary Service in a local day centre. He expressed that Lithuania had left a terrific impression on him and he wanted to share it with his colleagues. The delegation of 13 that accompanied Hindriks was also introduced to a Lithuanian liberal political party.

Asked why LGL was on the list of places to visit, Hans replied: “We often do not realize how people in other places live. We can speak about people in Lithuania but you won’t understand the differences between countries until you meet them. You cannot imagine how much Human Rights, including LGBT* rights are valued in the Netherlands unless you see a totally different situation.”

During the visit, guests listened to a presentation about activities of LGL and about LGBT* community in Lithuania, and showed a strong personal interest in personal stories of local people. LGL is glad to communicate with people of different nationalities, political and non-governmental organizations. By making sustainable connections, we may expect support in the future.