Council of Europe criticizes Lithuania over failure to address gender reassignment

The Council of Europe has warned Lithuania over its failure to adopt laws that would allow gender reassignment surgeries. This week the Council of Europe’s Committee of Ministers, which monitors the implementation of rulings of the Strasbourg-based European Court of Human Rights, applied the so-called “enhanced supervision procedure” for Lithuania.

The decision was taken after all earlier attempts to adopt laws necessary for gender reassignment were unsuccessful. Lithuania’s Civil Code allows change of sex, but the provision is ineffective, as the parliament has failed to adopt a law that would regulate such procedure for more than a decade. Lithuania lost a case at the European Court of Human Rights because of the legal gap back in 2007.

Vladimir Simonko, the Board Chair of LGL, said that the Council of Europe sent a “powerful message” to the Lithuanian society and government, which, in his words, have abandoned some of the people of Lithuania, with no right to take advantage of medical methods.

But the proposal to amend the code and include the regulation of gender reassignment was postponed today, October 7, and has to be enhanced before next consideration. Therefore the legal situation remains in stagnation and rights of transgender people still are not backed in the Parliament.

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