Anti-gay propaganda law applied once again to ban social video in Lithuania

Experts who assessed the advertisement of the campaign “Change it“, created by the national LGBT* rights organization LGL, decided that the video has a negative influence on minors.

DELFI writes that on Monday, September 15, experts of The Office of the Inspector of Journalists’ Ethics made a decision about the ad which was refused by Lithuanian TV stations.“Experts agreed that information shown in the video has a negative influence on minors based on the criterion stated in the law: it propagates a different form of a family”, – Deividas Velkas, the adviser of the Council told DELFI. It means that the ad can only be broadcasted after 11 PM and with a special sign “S” (“adults only”). The decision was made unanimously. Experts noted that when speaking about a family two flags were shown, and symbols of same-sex couples were presented on one of it. According to them, it clearly propagates a same-sex family model which is not legitimate in Lithuanian legal acts.

On Wednesday, September 24, the Inspector of Journalists’ Ethics signed a response to LGL’s request, confirming the experts’ conclusion that the video “has a detrimental effect on minors’ emotional, spiritual, mental development and health and proper formation of fundamental life values”.

LGL states that the video is an invitation to eye-to-eye confrontation with stereotypes, it also disclaims shortsighted presumptions, introduces questions which are widely arising among heterosexual people.

LGL plans to submit a complaint to the European Commission under EU directive infringement process. The Commission has the power to take legal action against a Member State that is not respecting its obligations under Community law, under Article 258 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union.