Supposedly homophobic hate crime sanctioned with a ridiculous fine in Lithuania

Openly gay well-known Lithuanian singer Ruslanas Kirilkinas, who had to end his concert due to an attack by bullies on June 21st would seem to finally expect justice. The citizen who threw firecrackers at him was punished with a symbolic fine of LT 225 (65 EUR).

Though the singer did report the incident to officers, Kaunas district police headquarters initiated an investigation on their own initiative immediately after the incident. The elder of the town helped to identify the offender, and according to Kaunas County Police Headquarters Communications Specialist, on June 26th the decision on the penalties was taken.

“The investigation is complete now. Two reports were issued on the basis of Article 176, Paragraph 1 of the Administrative Code of the Republic of Lithuania on civilian acquisition of pyrotechnics and its misuse. They were applied to the male offender, born in 1988. Another protocol was administered in accordance to Article 174 on minor hooliganism. The act of bullying was evaluated by LT 150 (43 EUR) fine and the misuse of pyrotechnics added another LT 75 (22 EUR) to it,” concluded the spokesperson of the police.

R. Kirilkinas ended the concert after the second song when explosive material was thrown at him. Fortunately, the incident experienced by the singer did not have serious consequences. The explosive went past R. Kirilkinas’ face, and he was not hurt.

Unfortunately, it is not a first time when Kirilkinas became a victim of a homophobic attack. R. Kirilkinas was performing at a concert held in the Lithuanian town of Aukštadvaris on the 23rd of February 2014 when eggs were thrown at him from the audience, resulting in lip, chin and ear wounds. The singer was taken to hospital by ambulance and his injuries were treated.

The singer was in shock, and refrained from giving any comment on the episode.

LGL association would like to remind you that most hate crimes, among which are many attacks against LGBT* people and allies, are left unreported, their true motives are not evaluated and attackers often remain unpunished. We urge you to report such hate crimes you were a victim of or witnessed to Law enforcement officers or to fill out the national LGBT rights LGL anonymous crime report form.

Ruslanas Kirilkinas’ performance in Lithuanian Eurovision Semi-final, 2010