St. Petersburg refuses LGBTI Pride rally permission despite lift of city gay propaganda’s law

Despite the Russian city of St Petersburg repealing its city-wide ban on so-called ‘propaganda of homosexuality to minors,’ officials are still working to frustrate the work of LGBTI activists in the city.

Organizers had hoped to hold an LGBTI Pride rally this Saturday, however by Monday this week city officials had rejected every location for the rally that was suggested to them. However city officials offered their own alternative locations for the event. One was a small village between a forest, a cemetery and a rubbish dump. Another was an overgrown landfill area near the Gulf of Finland where participants in the rally would have to have stood in the bottom of a two meter deep pit.

Organizers instead intend to hold the rally on a section of St Petersburg’s Field of Mars which is designated for unapproved protests.