LBTQI summer festival SAPFO FEST in Lithuania

‘Sapfo Fest’ is an independent community-initiated festival in the Baltics dedicated to LBTQI community. A community-led festival, the ‘Sapfo Fest’ seeks to empower LBTQI people and combat prejudice and discrimination, as well as to increase the visibility of LBTQI individuals in Lithuania.

Whereas the visibility of gay men in Lithuania has been growing steadily and quite a few male artists and entertainers ‘have come out’ publicly, women’s community remains largely ignored and marginalized. Therefore there is a great need for the festival to become a reality. The ‘Sapfo Fest’ will take a closer look at ‘identity’ questions as the main theme of the festival through lectures and workshops as well as the LGBTQI art. In addition, with its diverse educational program – from Soviet mental institutions for lesbians to today‘s trans* rights – the ‘Sapfo Fest’ hopes to create a learning, sharing, and appreciative space for everybody.

 LBTQI summer festival ‘SAPFO FEST’ needs your contribution!

Help to make the only LBTQI festival in the Baltics accessible to everybody, make a small donation and become a proud sponsor of this unique event.

The organizers are looking for financial contributions from community all over the world to make this event possible, it is important to make it inclusive and open to all participants despite their social background. Donations would cover direct costs, such as rent of the festival space, food, sound and multimedia equipment. We would be eternally grateful for any assistance in keeping the ‘Sapfo Fest’ open to as many LBTQI people as possible.

Every donation will be truly and greatly appreciated!

You can find more information and donate to the festival through this website: