“Human Rights First”: Lithuania to Vote on Russian Style Anti-“Propaganda” Amendment

Washington D.C. – Human Rights First today expressed serious concern over reports that the Lithuanian Parliament (Seimas) will vote tomorrow to approve an anti-“propaganda” law that violates the human rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people. In an attempt to quickly and quietly push the legislation through, the proposed amendment, which emulates Russia’s discriminatory anti-“propaganda” law, was put to vote just two days after being introduced.

“This amendment targeted at repressing the LGBT community is part of an alarming trend throughout Eastern Europe, where these bills are contributing to a dangerous culture of fear and violence against LGBT people,” said Human Rights First’s Shawn Gaylord. “It is crucial that the Obama Administration continue to demonstrate leadership on this issue by publicly condemning this legislation. The administration should also explore new avenues to respond to this developing trend in order to stop the passage of further discriminatory laws and promote the protection of LGBT rights as human rights.”

The amendment to the Code of Administrative Violations No. XIP-4490(3) would introduce fines for any public display that defies traditional family values. The Seimas will vote on the draft proposed by Petras Grazulis, who has claimed that constitutionally established family values are being assaulted under the guise of protecting the rights of sexual minorities. If passed, the law would reportedly levy fines equivalent to between 300 and 900 Euro, and triple that for repeat violations, for organizing pride events, sharing posters, banners, or films, and giving public speeches.

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