The LGL Association encourages the Social Democrats to disapprove the amendment

The National LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transsexual) rights organization LGL encouraged the Social Democrats fraction of the Parliament to disapprove the legal amendments that were considered on January 21st. The legal amendment and it’s intention do not differ from the human rights impairing so called “homosexuality propaganda” restrictions that are valid in Russia.

This week the Parliament discussed whether the controversially considered amendments should be introduced to the Code of Administrative Violations of Law. In the revised amendment it is suggested to foresee administrative responsibility and harsh fines for any public defiance of the constitutionally established family values. By carrying out public speeches, demonstrating goods, posters, slogans and audiovisual means, as well organizing public events such as gay prides and other kind of actions, one would thus act against the law.

46 MPs voted in favor of the amendments to the Code of Administrative Violations of Law, 10 voted against it and 22 abstained. It is worth noting, that none of the Social Democrats voted for the amendment. The third and final reading and voting at the plenary will still take place until the adoption of the anti-gay law.

LGL spotlights that the constitutional rights of LGBT people to free expression and freedom of meetings will be restricted once the Russian style amendments will be introduced.

While the European Parliament election are approaching, LGL has encouraged the fraction of Social Democrats to express their support for human rights and to disapprove the homophobic amendments which would discriminate the social group of LGBT people.

According to Vladimir Simonko, the chair of LGL, the results of the votes of the Social Democrats and other fractions will have a direct impact on the decision of the members of LGBT for which parties to vote during the European Parliament elections.