Ethics Office rules on censorship of Baltic Pride TV ads

The Lithuanian Office of the Inspector of Journalist Ethics, an agency established under the supervision of the country’s parliament, has ruled that the state-run Lithuanian Radio and Television did not violate any laws when it decided to limit public broadcasting of two television ads promoting the Baltic Pride march in July, 2013.

The brief clips were filmed by the Lithuanian Gay League and submitted to both private and public broadcasters for release the week before the march for LGBT rights. The advertisements were shown without restriction over private airwaves, but the state-run LRT board decided to limit airing of the ads to late-evening hours, presumably to fulfill obligations to limit the dissemination of ‘detrimental information’ to minors.

A controversial law protecting minors from potentially damaging public information, including that related to homosexuality, has been in force in Lithuania since early 2010.

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Watch the Baltic Pride promotional videos in full here (with English subtitles).