Italian Parliament on the way to approve a very mild law against homophobia, protests during the discussion

A law against homophobia is finally discussing in Italian parliament, after a very long delay.

The very first proposal was to extend to LGBT people the law “Mancino” wich condamn hate speech and violence against ethnic and religious minority group. Opposers said that such kind of law might limit the freedom of expression, so many emendments have been presented.

Since the Italian Gouvernment is leading with a “grosse koalition”, the extention of law “Mancino” shouldn’t be voted by the right whing. By the way the law was approved in the first chamber of parliament, with an emendment that allow political parties, movements, religious or cultural organisations to have homophobic speech whitout consequences.

Because of that ipocrit emendment, the very new Italian party Movimento 5 Stelle starts this protest:

“Nevermind excuses, quibbles or justifications, that’s what we’re talking about: love, earth, feeling, attachment. Because a kiss or a hug will never hurt anyone, they’re part of the traits that let us being human. We want to disclose all of that, without any purpose of making a “show”, without making a “parade”, but we’re doing it in order to take out the veil and to fraternally demonstrate there’s nothing to be scared about. And we, mr. president, we don’t have fear.”