Research: More than Half of Lithuanians Would not Want to Live Near Homosexual Individuals

Baltic Surveys, a UK-Lithuanian market and public opinion research company, has conducted a survey initiated by the LSMC Institute of Sociology’s Department of Ethnic Studies and the NGO “Diversity Development Group” to find out the attitudes of the public towards ethnic, religious, migrant, and other social groups in Lithuania in 2023.

A representative survey of the Lithuanian population was carried out between 16th and 27th of November, 2023 in various towns and villages across the country, using multi-stage stratified random sampling. A total of 1018 Lithuanian adults were interviewed by individual interviews.

Homosexuals were also included in the multiple-choice options of the two questions about not wanting to live in a neighbourhood or work in the same workplace as certain groups of people. The results showed that as many as 54% of the respondents would not like to live in a neighbourhood with homosexual individuals, while 40% said they would not like to work in the same workplace as homosexual people.

The overall results of the survey revealed a growing social distance towards most social groups, as well as a prevailing perception of the negative impact of refugees on society and the state. The important role of the media in shaping public attitudes on these issues was also underlined.