LGL Volunteer Participated in the Annual “IGLYO” Conference in Podgorica

On 19-23 October, 2023 Violeta Tamelytė, volunteer of the National LGBT rights organization LGL, participated in the annual conference organized by the international LGBTI youth and student organization “IGLYO” in Podgorica (Montenegro).

During the annual “IGLYO” conference, members of the organization had an opportunity to discuss the future goals for “IGLYO”, admit new members, participate in various workshops, share valuable experience, partake in film screenings and, of course, participate at the Podgorica Pride.

“I am happy to be able to represent LGL at the IGLYO conference for the second year in a row. It is good to meet so many young human rights activists, to be a part of important decision-making process and to participate in the Podgorica Pride march. Be proud of who you are and never forget that you are important,” says Violeta.