Latest Survey : 50 Percent of Lithuanians Support Same-Sex Civil Unions

The latest survey conducted by showed that nearly half of Lithuanian respondents support same-sex civil unions.

While the law on civil partnership aiming to legally recognize homosexual couples is still discussed, recently conducted a survey concerning the opinion about a possible civil union Law in Lithuania.

The survey demonstrated that Lithuanian public opinion has positively evolved with 1 person out of 2 supportive of homosexual unions. More specifically, women are a bit more favorable to homosexual civil unions (55,33%) than men (43,28%).

Younger people are also more supportive. More than half of the respondents under 50 years old were favorable to same-sex civil unions. Meanwhile only one out of four persons above 70 years old was favorable.

Moreover, the idea of a civil partnership in general, is more supported by people who have had completed higher education in Lithuanian biggest cities.

The survey was initiated by the Lithuanian Human Rights Center and was conducted on 20th of September – 1st of October 2022. The questions of the online survey were prepared by the sociologist dr. Vytenis Juozas Deimantas. The selection of the participants was made by maintaining age and sex proportion of the Lithuanian population.