LGL Volunteer Participated in the Annual “IGLYO” Conference in Brussels

On 13-17 October, 2022 Violeta Tamelytė, volunteer of the National LGBT rights organization LGL, participated in the annual conference organized by the international LGBTI youth and student organization “IGLYO” in Brussels.

During the annual “IGLYO” conference, members of the organization had an opportunity to discuss the future goals for “IGLYO”, admit new members, participate in various workshops, share valuable experience, partake in film screenings and, of course, get to learn more about Brussels, the capital of Belgium.

“IGLYO” members strongly expressed the need to react to the current LGBT human rights issues and come up with new strategies and goals for “IGLYO”, so that it can establish itself as a one of the key players.

“I am often asked – is volunteering, activism in the field of human rights “paying off”? Unequivocally yes. This is a wonderful opportunity to meet those for whom a person is a value. A value that makes us “move mountains”. I am proud to have been able to represent LGL at the IGLYO AMC. The event, in which a large number of LGBTQI activists from all over Europe gathered, enriched not only with acquaintances, stories, experiences, but also broadened my own worldview”, commented Violeta.