Representatives of the Flemish Parliament visited LGL office

On the 22nd of September the Commission of Foreign Affairs of the Flemish Parliament visited LGL office. The National LGBT rights organization LGL took an opportunity to thank the Flemish people for their support for the Baltic Pride 2022 in Vilnius.

Flanders is an historical support of LGL as its cooperation with the association started many years ago, hence its visit was both important and meaningful.

After the presentations, a legal framework was discussed to explain the situation with reference to the anti-propaganda law concerning the minors but also the current debate regarding a possible gender-neutral civil partnership.

A time for questions and answer gave the opportunity to the members of the delegation to ask details about Lithuanian political and legal system but also Lithuanian mentalities toward LGBTI+ issues.

Furthermore, it was explained more clearly how the anti-propaganda law represents a threat for the Lithuanian youth and in which extent the implementation of an effective gender-neutral civil partnership could render this provision inoperative, since the notion of family would evolve in the country.

The discussion was the opportunity to put into perspective the EU recommendations with the present and practical context. Indeed, the actual tensed geopolitical situation makes it difficult to put LGBTI+ issues first. However, in thirty years the LGBTI+ rights have never been a priority and the question now is when it will become a priority.

Nevertheless, the meeting gave LGL the chance to thank the Flanders delegation for its valuable support and discuss LGBTI+ issues in a European perspective that gives room for positive developments in terms of diversity and inclusion.