Pre-electoral Political Standing on LGBT Family Rights

Parliamentary elections will be held in Lithuania on the 11 October, 2020 and current pre-electoral promises reflect the possibility of some positive future developments for the Lithuanian LGBT community.

According to findings, 5 to 7 parties are in favour of same-sex family relationship recognition, namely Liberty Party, Liberal Movement, Social Democrats, Lithuanian Green Party (not to be confused with Lithuanian Peasants and Greens), Party „Freedom and Justice“, Lithuanian List, possibly Labour Party and Social Democrat and Labour Party.

30 of 47 Council of Europe (CoE) Member States already have some form of same-sex family rights recognition, constituting a degree of European consensus regarding same-sex partnerships.

However, out of 19 CoE Member States which authorize some form of registered partnership other than marriage, only Lithuania appears to be reserving it specifically to the opposite-sex couples.

According to the article 3.229 of the Civil Code of the Lithuanian Republic, its provisions shall regulate the relations in property of a man and a woman who, after registering their partnership in the procedure laid down by the law, have been cohabiting at least for a year with the aim of creating family relations without having registered their union as a marriage (cohabitees).