LGL Representatives Met with Partners in Norway

On September 24-27, representatives of the National LGBT rights organization LGL visited Norway, where they attended meetings with representatives of various Oslo institutions and non-governmental organizations.

LGL representatives met with Rowena B. Teodocio, Head of the Diversity and Integration Division of the Social and Welfare Services Agency of Oslo, Ole Prin-Sand from Oslo Pride Art, Mari Eike Nilsen and Toralv Moe from International Relations Division at Oslo Municipality and former Norwegian Ambassador to Lithuania Karsten Klepsvik and his wife Heidi.

It is hoped that these meetings will lead to closer bilateral cooperation between LGL and the Norwegian authorities and non-governmental organizations.

EEA-and-Norway_grants@4xThe visit of LGL representatives to Norway was financed by the Fund for Bilateral Relations of the programme „Culture“ of the European Economic Area (EEA) financial mechanism 2014-2021.