New strategic litigation project aims to mobilize efforts towards justice for LGBTI citizens

National LGBT rights organization LGL in partnership with ACCEPT (Romania), Mladejka  LGBT organizatsiya deystvie (Bulgaria), Hatter Tarsasag (Hungary) and International LGBTI Associaction ILGA Europe starts a new project JUST EU: equality and justice for LGBTI citizens though strategic litigation.

The goal of the project is to identify and prioritize the legal obstacles faced by LGBTI citizens in partner countries as well as Europe and build expert capacities through a series of specially designed trainings.

It is an aim of the project to mobilize competences of legal practitioners as well as human rights advocacy professionals to draw up guidelines on strategic litigation in cases concerning LGBT human rights while building a network of strategic litigation experts.

By sharing good practices and strategic litigation expertise on CJEU, ECtHR as well as national level, partners will consolidate and strengthen the existing  methodological tools which would enable to address the issues, including, but not limited to discrimination, recognition of same-sex partnerships, manifestations of homophobic hatred, gender reassignment procedure in a more uniform and effective manner.