Vladimir Simonko: Thank you for your Trust

Dear members of ILGA-Europe,

I would like to kindly thank you for your trust in me and opportunity to work together with ILGA-Europe Board and staff in shaping the future of our organization.

I hope that my work in ILGA-Europe Board gave me a chance to be a link between East and West, when genuine and motivated activism from Eastern Europe and post-Soviet country was transformed to competence, which was and is needed in our growing organization.

I am sure that my institutional memory, dating back to 1993, has allowed me to contribute to stability of our organization and to avoid hasty changes when changing the Constitution. I hope that my participation at the ILGA-Europe Board gave it a charm of age diversity.

I would like to wish the newly elected Board Members not to be frightened by challenges, not to be tempted by urge to change everything immediately and learn to hear voices of all team members, including Board and staff.

I am looking forward to see you during the next AGM.


Vladimir Simonko