Eurobarometer reveals a lack of LGBTI acceptance in the Baltics

According to Eurobarometer on Discrimination 2019, 30% Lithuanians are in favor of same-sex marriages to be allowed throughout the Europe, while in neighboring Latvia even less, 24% respondents support the same notion. Numbers concerning this question are significantly higher in Estonia and even Catholic-majority Poland, 41% and 45% respondents respectively agree that same sex marriages should be allowed throughout Europe, although they are much lower than the EU average of 69%.

Eurobarometer results also revealed that although, on average, 72% of Europeans would feel “comfortable” having gay, lesbian or bisexual colleagues, Lithuanians and Latvians are much less tolerant to LGBTI people in the workplace. Survey showed that only 44% respondents in Latvia and Lithuania (52% in Estonia) would feel “comfortable” having a lesbian, gay or bisexual co-workers. The numbers are even lower for the same question concerning a transgender person, 44%, 40% and 35% in Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia respectively, much below the European average of 65 %.

53% Lithuanians and Estonians agree with the idea that sexual minorities should enjoy the same rights as heterosexuals. In Latvia and Poland 49% of respondents favored legal equality while the European average constitutes 76%.