Lithuanian President will Consult with the Church on LGBT issues

On 9th September, 2019 in an interview the Lithuanian President Gitanas Nausėda underlined the “need to take the opinion of the Catholic Church into account regarding LGBT issues”.

“Position of the Church on LGBT matters was, is and will be important to me. Will it be the only one? No. However the is no doubt that Church’s position should be acknowledged since a very large portion of people of Lithuania are religious and in particular are Catholics.”

Nausėda also said he would not ignore the public opinion when making decisions on LGBT policies to avoid public polarization.

“This was the question the speaker of the Swedish Riksdag asked me during his recent visit to Lithuania. We said we will be resolving this issue [by] moving in the direction of ensuring human rights, but still taking into account the specific existing public position which is not homogeneous and differs considerably in major cities and rural areas,” Nausėda claimed.

LGL stresses that minority rights are not to be subjected to majority’s will and that Lithuania still lacks a prominent political power capable of dealing with the LGBT issues in accordance to the European human rights standards.