Moments from the Pride Voices Gala Captured in a Video by LGL

National LGBT rights organisation LGL presents a video capturing the moments from the unique Pride Voices Gala event, which took place in the Lithuanian Russian Drama Theatre on the 7th of June under the framework of the Baltic Pride 2019 festival. The creators of the video succeeded to capture the atmosphere and emotions of this unique evening and personal stories of renowned LGBT people.

At the start of the evening, while Lithuanian and foreign celebrities were crossing the red carpet, composer of electronic music from Israel DJ Daniel Mariuma greeted the guests with his music. From the red carpet to the stage and the spectator’s seat, mischievous characters B and B became the guides of the evening.

The video presents excerpts from stories of inspiring participants of the event Lord Michael Cashman (United Kingdom), transgender former captain of a submarine Jeanette Solstad Remø (Norway) and Deputy Secretary of Latvian Republic’s Saeima Marija Golubeva.

„We should tell stories. Stories of real people. People living together without being protected by the state, people unrecognised by the state and society. Not just gay people, but also straight people raising children together without being married. We can change it,“ Deputy Secretary of Latvian Republic’s Saeima Marija Golubeva is certain.

During the second part of the evening the guests enjoyed a breathtaking performance by the conquerors of the most famous drag stages in Europe LaDiva Live (France), Sharonne (Spain) and Catherine d’Oex (Switzerland). In the video the musical show that entranced the audience was accompanied by a message of tolerance that helped to create a true celebration of diversity.

„I‘m really happy and proud that I have so many friends on my side and on the side of equality, and they believe that change will come soon. This is a time when we have to be free. Free from inequality. Free to be ourselves. I saw how much applause there was in the Russian Drama Theatre – everyone was moved by these stories,“ Vladimir Simonko, Executive Director of the National LGBT rights organisation LGL, shared his impressions from the event.