NASDAQ Tower in New York Times Square Lit up with the Message of Support for the Baltic Pride

In the evening of June 6th, a massive support message for the Lithuanian LGBT community was shown on NASDAQ’s HQ tower in Times Square, New York City. This message was created by NASDAQ headquarters in Lithuania, in support for the Baltic Pride 2019 festival. A colorful billboard attracted the eyes of New Yorkers and visitors of the Big Apple.

‘’It is important for us that every member of our organization can be heard, accepted and have an opportunity to find themselves despite their age, gender, ethnicity, disability, sexual orientation or religion. These are our main values here in NASDAQ, which we actively apply in our offices and try to promote in the society – this time we will do so by supporting Baltic Pride 2019,’’ said the CEO of Lithuanian NASDAQ HQ Arminta Saladžienė.

‘’We are very delighted to know that this year the Baltic Pride festival has attracted a lot of support from the business sector. We value this support because it sends a very strong message. It is great that businesses take leadership, support acceptance and create initiatives that promote equality around the globe,’’ commented the Executive Director of the National LGBT rights organization LGL Vladimir Simonko.