An Exclusive Free Magazine Launched for the Upcoming “Baltic Pride“ 2019

On the occasion of the “Baltic Pride” 2019, the National LGBT rights organization LGL has released an exclusive free magazine featuring the stories of the stars of LGBT human rights movement as well as the program of the festival.

The exclusive “Baltic Pride” publication presents the interviews with the participants of the “Baltic Pride” 2019 international human rights conference – the Maltese Minister of European Affairs and Equality Helena Dalli and the Irish Senator David Norris. Also featured in the publication are the stars of the “Pride Voices Gala” event: Alexander Bard from the “Army of Lovers”, representing the letter “B”, a long-time supporter of the LGBT human rights movement in Lithuania, Lord Michael Cashman and DJ Mariuma with the drag divas’ trio: LaDiva Live, Catherine D’oex and Sharonne, who together will create an unforgettable evening before the “Baltic Pride” march.

The Ambassador of Norway in Lithuania H. E. Karsten Klepsvik and the Ambassador of Greece in Lithuania H. E. Dr. Vassiliki Dicopoulou share their thoughts on the need to actively support the LGBT human rights in one’s own country as well as abroad.

The magazine also discusses some other important but rarely mentioned topics. The representatives of the Finish LGBTI organization “Seta” talk about the good practices in fighting multiple discrimination against LGBTI seniors and the representatives of Swedish LGBTI police share their experience on investigating hate crimes against LGBT people.

Those who are planning their vacations or searching for an LGBT friendly tourist destination will also benefit from the “Baltic Pride” magazine as the “LGBT Tourism” section provides some impressions of Rio de Janeiro and the LGBT cruises organized in Europe.

“We have been preparing this magazine for half a year. It was an unforgettable experience which has given us a chance of getting acquainted with the real stars of the LGBT human rights movement. Stars, who despite their busy schedules found the time to share their personal stories and insights with our readers. Stars, who fascinate others with their simplicity, inexhaustible energy and endless determination to continue working towards a full implementation of the LGBT human rights. I am certain, that the stories presented in this magazine will inspire hope, determination and give the readers a chance to learn from the experience of the other members of the European Union in working towards progress in the field of LGBT human rights,” commented Eglė Kuktoraitė, Communications Manager at LGL.

“It is symbolic, that this year we have returned to the same activity, the National LGBT rights organization LGL had been doing even before it was officially registered. The magazine “Amsterdam”, launched in 1994, was probably the only source of information on LGBT related issues for our community at that time. Printed press was replaced by the internet, so we made a conscious decision to go back to the pleasure of slow reading, quality and the enduring value and in this way to commemorate the upcoming “Baltic Pride” 2019,” stresed Vladimir Simonko, Executive Director of LGL.

Free copies of the “Baltic Pride” magazine can be found in the “Rainbow” information centre (Pylimo str. 21, Vilnius), “Paviljonas” (Pylimo str. 21B, Vilnius), LGBT club “Soho” (Švitrigailos str. 7, Vilnius), “Freunde” (Pylimo str. 22D, Vilnius), “Raštinė” (J. Basanavičiaus str. 2, Vilnius), “Skalvija“ cinema center (A. Goštauto str. 2, Vilnius), “Go Vilnius“ tourism information centres (Rodūnios rd. 2-1; Pilies str. 2; Didžioji str. 31, Vilnius) and the arrival halls of Vilnius airport on 5-7 June (Rodūnios rd. 10A, Vilnius). Free copies of the “Baltic Pride” magazine will soon reach the café “Culture” (K. Donelaičio str. 16, Kaunas), Klaipėda culture factory (Bangų str. 5A, Klaipėda) and the distribution points in other cities of Lithuania.

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