Dovilė Filmanavičiūtė: “Baltic Pride” March in Vilnius is a Wonderful Opportunity to Celebrate Love“

A Communications Specialist, Dovilė Filmanavičiūtė, also known by her stage name Miss Sheep, has recorded a video greeting, inviting everyone to the Baltic Pride March for Equality in Vilnius on June 8th.

For D. Filmanavičiūtė, the march that will take place on June 8th in Gediminas Avenue in Vilnius is „a wonderful opportunity, a wonderful place for everyone to meet and celebrate love – without animosity, without division, only with the hope that tomorrow will be brighter than the day before“.

In her video greeting, D. Filmanavičiūtė admits to dreaming about „a city and a country, where all people, no matter their race, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, can freely enjoy their lives and loudly express their opinions“.

D. Filmanavičiūtė hopes that people will stop looking for enemies in other groups of people, and will start talking about how everyone can „find their place under the sun“, as there is place for everyone – „whoever you are, whomever you love, whatever you think and believe“.

Baltic Pride March for Equality will take place on June 8th, 12.00 from the Bernardine Garden to Lukiškės Square.