Vilnius Rainbow Crosswalk Repainted for the Upcoming Baltic Pride 2019 Festival

Today, the rainbow crosswalk in front of the National LGBT Rights Organization LGL’s office in Vilnius received a new coat of paint in preparation for Baltic Pride 2019.

“With Baltic Pride 2019 coming up, we’re pleased to have had the opportunity to brighten up our weathered rainbow crosswalk. During the festival, the square attached to the crosswalk will become one of the main attractions for the LGBT community – this is where the Baltic Pride Info Center will be, as well as a program of community events all week, and an open-air concert after the march,” said LGL’s Executive Director Vladimir Simonko.

The new coat of paint was sponsored by the Embassy of Canada in Lithuania, Lithuanian-American Auris Jarasunas and his husband Robbie Sutton, and Finnish LGBTI organization Seta.


Baltic Pride 2019 will take place from June 4th to 9th in Vilnius, featuring a range of LGBT events over the course of the week, including an international human rights conference, the theatrical production Pride Voices, the community space Pride House, a party in Pride Park and film screenings by Vilnius Queer Festival Kreivės.