„Baltic Pride“ 2019 Festival Motto: „We are Family“

Reacting to opinions expressed by certain leading candidates towards same-sex marriage and civil partnership in Lithuanian Republic president debates, the National LGBT rights organization LGL, organizer of the “Baltic Pride“ 2019, announced upcoming events motto: „We are family“.

According to Vladimir Simonko, Executive Director of the National LGBT rights organization, certain presidential candidates’ statements demonstrated a lack of respect for the Constitutional Court which has ruled that the constitutional family concept is neutral towards same-sex relationships and couldn’t be raised from solely marriage institution.

“The fact that some candidates ignore the Constitutional Court’s decision, which has been announced earlier this year, shows disrespect to country’s main law and lack of political will to consolidate the rights of minorities”, says Vladimir Simonko.

The Constitutional Court continuously paid a lot of attention towards Constitution defending individual rights based on respect to single person’s dignity, and just then country could be considered as democratic. In a democratic country, different stereotypical view of majority of the society members, based on the Constitution, cannot be justified when it comes to discrimination of people with different orientation or gender identity, limiting the right to personal and family life, the relationship with other family members and security as enshrined in the Constitution.

Vladimir Simonko, Executive Director of the National LGBT rights organization, assures that during the “Baltic Pride“ march, which will take place on 8th of June in Vilnius, the motto „We are family“ will aim to remind the Government that same-sex families in Lithuania exist, but are not legally recognized. Right now, Lithuania is one of six European Union countries, where same-sex partnership is not allowed. Same-sex relationship is not recognized in any form in Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Slovakia, Romania, Bulgaria.

„Together marching in „Baltic Pride” march we will clearly say what Constitutional Court just re-affirmed: same-sex couples are family. We are hoping that the „Baltic Pride“ motto „We are family“ will be heard by politicians and it will not be that easy for them to ignore the Constitutional Court’s judgement in practice. I personally hope, that the newly elected President of the Republic of Lithuania will show political leadership in ensuring every Lithuanian citizens’ rights”, says Vladimir Simonko