UN Human Rights Committee Urges Lithuania to Ensure LGBTI Human Rights

United Nations Human Rights Committee has urged Lithuania to ensure LGBTI human rights.

The Committee criticized the Law on the Protection of Minors Against the Detrimental Effects of Public Information, which unjustifiably limits freedom of speech on LGBT* matters.

The Law states that underage people are harmed by such information and that it should be limited, as it “disregards family values and promotes an alternative viewpoint on marriage and family planning than is described in the Constitution and the Civil Code”.

The United Nations Human Rights Committee expressed its concern that Lithuania to this day has no legal recognition of same-sex relationships, and criticized the country for the unclear regulation on legal recognition of gender identity.

“The corresponding laws should be looked over, so that equality of same-sex couples would  be recognized, as well as it should be ensured that transgender persons would have access to legal recognition of gender identity,“ insists the Committee.