In the LGL Book Club’s Fifth Session We Discussed the Topic of Jealousy

The base for the discussion was the chapter “Roadmaps through Jealousy” from the a book by co-authors Dossie Easton and Janet Hardy.

The book we used, “The Ethical Slut – A Practical Guide to Polyamory, Open Relationships & Other Adventures”, is as the title states a guide to non-monogamy. A topic that comes up often when coming out to people as non-monogamous is jealousy, how to deal with sharing your partner, or your partner being jealous because of you having another partner. The chapter gave ideas on how to disempower the feeling of jealousy, e.g. through different practical exercises or personal stories that pop up within the chapter.

We had a very nice discussion, going from how we personally have felt jealousy before, over how sometimes what we think is jealousy might rather be envy, and some criticisms of the chapter, to conclusions like how being more secure in yourself really can change how you experience jealousy (the same way it’s also said in the book).

Thanks to the participants and hope to see you again!

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Book Club is about meeting up in a comfortable atmosphere and spending some time with nice company, a cup of tea, some snacks, and discussing a book together.

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