Information regarding the Warsaw Equality Parade

On June 9th the Equality Parade will walk the streets of Warsaw once again. It is the greatest event promoting equal rights, freedom and diversity in Poland. 45 000 people celebrated together last year, and this year there will be even more of us!

The Equality Parade marches through the streets of Warsaw since 2001. A small demonstration at first, with time it has grown into the most important celebration of equality, diversity, and acceptance. Its 16 years of history have shaped the Parade’s unique shape and character.

The 2017 Equality Parade was special and not just because of the new formula and new attractions. It was our pleasure and honor to inform you that Ambassadors of 40 countries on 6 continents, as well as 5 representatives of institutions that were significant to us in terms of our demands, had expressed their support to the greatest celebration of equality in Poland. It was a record-breaking number so far. Several delegations of the embassies’ representatives and their families announced that they are willing to participate in the Parade.

Every year and a lot of young people are joining the process of preparing this event. They want to work for the future of our country they want their voice to be heard. Right now about 50% of our volunteers are secondary school and high school students.

This year 10 or 11 big companies like Google, Microsoft, IBM or Unilever will be walking with us. We hope it will open our Parade for mainstream public even more.

Equality Parade is something unusual in Europe – beside a super party it’s a political march fighting for our rights. We have 13 demands – you can find them on our website ( and they are not only about LGBTQIA people but also about refugees, people with disabilities and other minorities. 

Let’s create this event together and highlight the significance of excluded groups, minorities, activists and all those who fight for their rights. Let’s make the most beautiful celebration of equality together! Every contribution is of great importance and donating even the tiniest amount makes you a co-organizer of the Parade and gives you impact on its final form. Please support our work now at

What you can expect during Warsaw Equality parade:

Equality Town. If you’re curious about polish society or our struggles visit Equality Town where more than 40 NGO’s are eager to talk to you and explain what they are doing and how they are fighting for equal rights in Poland.

Equality Parade – 3 hours march full of color, joy and love. Amazing energy, 14 floats with different music, and more than 40 groups with different signs. See them all!

Open-air concert – free entrance is made so all people regardless their economic status could celebrate with us.

Official after party – big party in club with three stages with different music – all money from entrance will go to next Equality Parade!