Rainbow Bus Visits Lithuanian State Institutions

In order to draw attention to legal, social and cultural challenges faced by the Lithuanian LGBT community, the National LGBT* Rights Organization LGL invited the local LGBT community to unfurl a 30-meter-long rainbow flag in front of four of Lithuania’s primary state institutions, namely: the Parliament, the Government’s Office, the President’s Palace and the Cathedral.

We hope that this action will encourage Lithuanian legislators and policy makers to take direct action so that Lithuania, as it celebrates its 100 years of statehood, will be a welcoming place for everyone to live and LGBT people will be able to contribute to their full extent to a flourishing state.

The impressive rainbow flag was transported to the above stated institutions by a Rainbow Bus full of bright colors, music, shouts of “For equality!” and human rights activists greeting Vilnius locals and guests alike along the way.

The Rainbow Bus continued to its journey from the Parliament to the Government’s Office, where the 30-meter flag wasunfurled once again, followed by Simonas Daukantas Square and the Cathedral Square. This symbolic act in Vilnius’ city center was aimed at promoting the image of Vilnius as an open and tolerant European city.

The Rainbow Bus journey was supported by the Rights, Equality and Citizenship (REC) Programme of the European Union and the Embassy of Sweden in Vilnius.

© Augustas Didžgalvis