Christmas at the LGBT community centre

This Wednesday‘s evening, at the LGBT community centre, Santa‘s Elves Workshop took place.

Just by getting in, I was pleasantly surprised by Michael Bublé’s Christmas album and the surrounding smell of delicious cookies. To top it off, a myriad of happy faces welcomed me in, and wonderful Christmas decorations helped set up the mood.

With a cup of tea in my hand and without any hesitations, I immediately joined them. We started by cutting some snowflakes, some being more successful at it than others. One person managed to create a spectacular piece or art which resembled a snowflake made up of Santa Clauses. On the other hand, I managed to make an abstract looking inverted-snowflake.

We then decided to amp it up a little bit. The second task consisted of making Christmas trees and gluing it to leftover wooden sticks from ice creams. The event organizer, Kamila, who was armed with glue, helped us making them. Afterwards, we started coloring and decorating our trees, while bonding over some nice conversation and sharing funny stories.

After we hung up all of our decoration onto our Christmas tree, the second part of this evening started.

We turned the music on and started an unplanned karaoke evening. Everybody took part in it! There was a huge variety of songs: from legendary LGBT anthems like “I Will Survive”, “YMCA” and Lady Gaga’s whole repertoire, to 90s top hits like “Ironic” or “Wannabe”. Through a great storm of emotions and feelings, many of the guests demonstrated their great vocal abilities.

There was also enthusiastic dancing. “Someone” (might it have been me?) came up with an idea to dance the “Macarena”. It filled everybody with positive energy for days to come.

We finished the evening off by singing Christmas songs and participating in  a “exchange of clothes”, in which some guests brought their clothes items to exchange them with others.

We truly had a good time, and I am very happy that I was able to participate in this Christmas event. I wish everyone has good and exciting holidays.