An attempt to censor LGBT social advertising campaign is referred to the LRT Council

The LRT Council, i.e. the highest decision-making body of the Lithuanian Radio and Television (LRT), will decide, whether to broadcast the Baltic Pride 2013 Vilnius 2013 March for Equality social advertising campaign on the national television by the end of June 2013, says the TV Managing Director Rimvydas Paleckis.

The administration of the LRT has received an official request by the Lithuanian Gay League (LGL) to broadcast the social advertising campaign with regards to the Baltic Pride 2013 Vilnius on the national television and it has referred the question to the LRT Council. “We have approached the Council and have informed the authority about this kind of request. The Council has placed the question on its agenda and will consider it in the course of the upcoming meeting”, – says Mr. Paleckis. The next meeting of the LRT Council is scheduled on 25 June 2013.

According to the Board Chair of the LGL Vladimir Simonko, the official request to the national broadcaster with regards to the Baltic Pride 2013 Vilnius promotional videos was submitted in the beginning of May, 2013. “On 6 May 2013 we made an official appeal to the LRT Director General Mr. Audrius Siaurusevičius, to the Head of Airtime Sales Department to the Committee on Education, Science and Culture within the Parliament. Three weeks have passed and we have not received any kind of response”, – says the Board Chair of LGL.

According to Mr. Simonko, LGL is not asking to broadcast the videos for free. “We have sent the letter by asking to provide us with the information on the airtime fees. We do not ask it for free – we ask for the price in order to have an informed decision, but the national broadcaster is not providing us with the required information”, – claims the Board Chair.

Two Baltic Pride 2013 Vilnius promotional videos were produced by the French director Francois Message upon the support by the French embassy in Lithuania and the French Cultural Institute. It is expected to broadcast the videos on the national television would in July.

The second Baltic Pride March for Equality in Vilnius is scheduled on 27 July 2013. There is an ongoing judicial proceeding with regards to the location of the March itself – the Supreme Administrative Court of Lithuania will render its final judgment on the case on 18 June 2013.

The first Baltic Pride March for Equality in Vilnius in 2010 took place in a cordoned and strictly controlled area outside of the city centre. There were several hundred protestors and around one thousand spectators.