Kicking off 2018!

We official kicked off the year at LGL, with our first community event – Volunteers Welcome Party + Queer Agenda 2018!

With a good turnout, a nice age range and people from different countries, the event started by having everyone present themselves and getting to know each other.

Our EVS volunteers followed, with a more in-depth presentation about themselves and their home countries history, traditions, cuisine and LGBTI* rights situation. João – from Portugal – who has been in Vilnius for almost two weeks, was the first one to present. Amongst other things, he did a quick overview of Portugal’s milestones regarding LGBTI* rights, and explained how the Portuguese context differs from the reality lived in Lithuania. Arnold – from Romania – who has been living here for a little more than a month now, did his presentation next. He explained that he belongs to the Hungarian minority in Romania, and proceeded to talk about his own culture. In regards to the LBTI* rights situation in Romania, it seems that it comes closer to the context lived in Lithuania than the one in Portugal.

After a short break to mingle and for those with a sweet tooth to have some snacks, the second part of the event started. Divided into three groups, the participants debated and wrote down ideas for future events and activities. The result was motivating. With different backgrounds and ages, the interests differ from person to person. It goes to show that even though we are a community, we are not a monolithic one. From suggestions that called for more direct action activism, fundraising efforts and bringing more awareness and visibility for all the letters of the LGBTI+ acronym, to reviving the book club, karaoke nights, movie and tv series marathons and more outdoor activities, the suggestions were all great.

The volunteers were thrilled to hear all of these ideas and they will do their best to make them come to fruition.

A big thank you to all of you who decided to join us last night. We hope to see you again in our upcoming events. Let’s queer this year up together!

If you have any other suggestions, you can always contact us through our e-mails:

LGL is carrying out the 10-month project “Disappearing Borders: Empowering LGBT Community and Allies In Lithuania” under the Erasmus+ program EVS (European Voluntary Service).