The authors of the best anti-discrimination articles awarded and monitoring report presented in Minsk


On December 10th in the event celebrating Human Rights Day the winners of the contest “Best journalist and fighter against discrimination in Belarus in 2017″ have been honored in Minsk .

Altogether the 24 materials have been submitted to the contest. The jury has selected three winners and special mention category in partnership with Association LGL.

The third place winner – Vika Biran (MAKEOUT) for an article “Школа, дом, работа и еще 7 мест, где нас заставляют стыдиться своей менструации” (transl. “School, home, work, and a further 7 places where we are forced to be ashamed of menstruation”).

Second place winner – Svetlana Stankevich ( awarded for an article on the rights of people with dissability.

Eugenia Dolgaya and Andrei Dichenko (The Village) were awarded a first place for the best anti-discrimination article in Belarus for the year 2017. The article presents a series stories of LGBTQ teenagers in Belarus ” «Мы не ошибка, как думает моя мама»: Дневники гомосексуальных подростков” (transl. “We’re not a mistake, as my mom thinks“: Blogs of queer teenagers”).

A special mention category in partnership with LGL nominated an article focusing  experiences of Transgender people in employment awarded to the journalist of info portal Vlad Kovalevsky for «Бывшее начальство может разрушить тебе жизнь». Кем и как работают трансгендеры в Беларуси.(transl. “The former employers can ruin your life.” Where and what do Trasngender people work in Belarus”).

During the event the results of monitoring of the hate speech in Belarusian media in the period of April to September 2017. The report presents trends of the portrayal and visibility of the LGBTQI people in Belarusian media, most common themes, editorial practices and prevalence of hate speech.

The text of the report in Russian is available here.

Click here to download the T4J_monitoring_summary_ENG in English.