LGL‘s Survey Confirms that LGBT* Students in Lithuania do not Feel Safe at School

In June, 2017 the National LGBT* rights organization LGL launched a national school environment survey for LGBT* students. In less than a month, the survey has been completed by 1300 Lithuanian students, 500 of whom identify as LGBT* students. The first responses by LGBT* students indicate that they do not feel safe at school.

According to Tomas Vytautas Raskevičius, LGL‘s Policy Coordinator (Human Rights),  57 % of LGBT* respondents mentioned that they face homophobic bullying often or very often and did not have opportunities to seek support.

The results of the survey also indicate that most teachers who should be able to foster safe environment at schools do not react or respond to the reports by students on homophobic bullying. The respondents of the survey were also asked if they can find any positive information about LGBT* community in the methodological material during lessons, and they overwhelmingly responded negatively.

Jurgita Smiltė Jasiulionė (child support line psychologist) who spoke during the same radio show as LGL‘s representative, stated that 30 % of students are being bullied at schools. The specialist believes that LGBT* youngsters are bullied even more often. “We noticed it through the phone calls and letters – those who are confused about their sexuality or identify themselves as homosexual mentioned humiliation caused by both adults and children,”  explained the psychologist.

The school environment survey will run until the end of this summer. The survey is a part of the project “Developing research capacity in Eastern Europe”.