All Schools in Scotland Will Soon Have Gender-neutral Bathrooms

Experts say gender-neutral bathrooms in schools have lower levels of bullying.

The Scottish Government have planned to introduce gender-neutral bathrooms in schools.

Outlined in the guidance setting out the minimum standards for school buildings, the lavatories will be a requisite to protect trans and non-binary students.

The Consultation Document on Updating the School Premises said the existing regulations said half the toilet accommodation should be for boys, and the other half for girls.

It went on: ‘The School Premises Regulations do not prescribe standards for accessible sanitary facilities for persons with a disability or refer to unisex toilets that could address gender issues.

‘Therefore, the Regulation needs to be updated and simplified to meet current expectations.’

James Morton, from the Scottish Trans Alliance, said unisex loos were not just good for trans people but all students.

Speaking to Gay Star News, he said: ‘It’s good for trans young people, as they could be challenged on what toilet they’re going into. We’ve seen them not drink all day and getting to a point where they are dehydrated.

‘It’s a good thing more generally. We’ve seen in the past several years that schools with gender neutral toilets have consistent lower levels of bullying and lower levels of graffiti.’

Morton has called on the Scottish Government to commit to gender recognition reform.

There were initial proposals to allow trans people to self-identify to be considered legally in their true gender. Also, there are hopes First Minister Nicola Sturgeon will keep to her promise to allow non-binary people to be recognized legally.