Malta Passes Equal Marriage

On 12th July, 2017 Malta’s Parliament has overwhelmingly passed marriage equality.

The country’s Prime Minister Joseph Muscat, a strong supporter of LGBT equality, brought forward proposals to introduce equal marriage earlier this year.

The proposals were given final approval by the country’s Parliament, paving the way for gay couples to start marrying.

The law furthers reforms first made in 2014, when civil unions were opened up to same-sex couples.

The bill has attracted some controversy, with some conservatives objecting to changes contained within the legislation, that overhaul the country’s laws to remove traditionally-gendered language like ‘husband and wife’ and ‘mother and father’.

However, the bill was given the green light today, passing its third reading near-unanimously.

The bill’s passage was remarkably smooth, with just one of the country’s 67 MPs voting against the law – Nationalist MP Edwin Vassallo.