Donald Trump Opens Door to Anti-LGBT Discrimination With ‘Religious Freedom’ Order

Donald Trump ditched explicit anti-LGBT language from a ‘religious freedom’ executive order he signed today – but campaigners say it’s still setting up an attack on equality.

Reports emerged earlier this week that the White House was preparing for the signing of an executive order that would address religious ‘objections’ to LGBT people.

An early draft of the order had leaked from inside the White House, revealing plans to protect people who discriminate based on “the belief that marriage is or should be recognised as the union of one man and one woman [or that] male and female refer to an individual’s immutable biological sex as objectively determined by anatomy at birth”.

The order was signed by Trump today for the National Day of Prayer, after pressure from Republicans including Ted Cruz and Mike Pence.

However, after legal threats from the American Civil Liberties Union and opposition from faith groups, the language was refined to remove the explicitly anti-LGBT language.