LGL Annual Report for 2016 Now Available Online

The National LGBT* rights organization LGL is proud to announce the annual report for 2016. Transparency and independence from any political or financial interests are one of the most important goals for our organization in order to achieve effective inclusion and social integration of local LGBT* community.

LGL’s annual report for 2016 comprehensively presents organization’s activities, implemented projects, published publications and strategic measures for achieving strategic goals. It also contains a list of 10 most memorable LGL activities of 2016 and activities, carried out by organization’s staff members, community Board Members, members and volunteers. Moreover, it includes a detailed financial report for 2016. The annual report for 2016 will be officially presented and approved during LGL’s members’ general assembly.

You can always find more information about LGL’s activities and local LGBT* community on our daily updated website www.lgl.lt/en and our Facebook page www.facebook.com/lgl.lt.

LGL’s annual report for 2016 may be accessed here.

LGL Annual Report for 2016, 2017

2016 was a very special year for Lithuanian LGBT* community, since the third Baltic Pride festival was organized by LGL last June in Vilnius. The main focus of the festival was the Baltic Pride March for Equality, attended by 3000 LGBT* community members and their supporters from Lithuania and abroad.

“LGL’s annual report for 2016 is as colorful as the year itself. We are extremely proud that the Baltic Pride 2016 festival was qualitatively different – we managed to create a miracle in being together. It also reinforces our commitment to achieve even more,” commented Eglė Kuktoraitė, LGL’s Communications Coordinator.

The National LGBT* rights organization LGL would also like to take an opportunity to thank its community Board Members, staff members, members and volunteers. Without their passion, devotion and commitment the organization would not be the same as it is today – determined, dynamic, eager to learn from mistakes and courageously moving forward. Our friends and supporters also provide a much needed impetus for our work – every year there are more and more people in Lithuania passionately supporting LGBT* human rights. We would like to once again thank everyone who contributed to the organization’s activities in 2016!