Nominate your candidates for the Rainbow Appreciation Award 2016!

The Office of Equal Opportunities Ombudsperson and the National Equality and Diversity Forum are organizing the fourth annual National Equality and Diversity Awards. The Awards will honor persons, organizations, projects and initiatives which contributed to the promotion and advancement of equality and diversity in Lithuania in 2016.

We invite everyone to present nominations for all the different categories. Help us recognize all that contributed the most to the fostering of human rights and respect for humanity.

How can you nominate your candidates? You can nominate your candidates by filling this online survey until February 21, 2017! You can nominate more than one candidate in each category.

List of nomination categories:

Gender Equality Award is presented for the promotion and advancement of non-stereotypical and  diverse views about women and men in the society.

Nations Dialogue Award is presented for the contributions to ethnic cooperation and the dismantling of xenophobia and race and ethnic stereotypes.

Rainbow Appreciation Award is presented for the contributions to LGBT* human rights, the fight against homophobia, transphobia and biphobia and the promotion of LGBT* communities’ openness and integration in the society.

The Best Age – My Age Award is presented for the initiatives that promote the realization of people’s potential and goals in work, leisure or communal work in spite of stereotypes about young or old age, for the contributions in uniting different generations.

Overcoming Obstacles Award is presented for successfully overcoming physical, social, cultural and other obstacles in securing dignified lives and the ability to participate in the society for people with disabilities.

Religious Diversity Award is presented to a person, an organization, an idea or a project that contributed to the advancement and strengthening of religious freedoms and the promotion of religious diversity, awareness and tolerance in Lithuania.

Breakthrough of the Year Award is presented for most widely publicized ideas, initiatives, works or other things that promoted diversity and equality in society.

Media Voice Award is presented to journalists that work to promote equality and diversity in the society and defend human rights.

Lifetime Achievement Award is presented to a person for their lifetime contributions to human rights and the promotion and advancement of equality, diversity and tolerance.

How will we choose the winners?

The winners will be chosen in two stages.

In the first stage, everyone will be able to nominate candidates in all of the categories by naming nominees’ actions and achievements that make them a suitable candidate in corresponding categories. After closing nomination survey on February 21, 2017 a commission of human rights and equal opportunities experts will consider all of the nominations and will chose 3 top candidates for each category.

During the second stage, we will invite everyone to participate in online voting to choose one best candidate from the remaining three in each category.

Nominees’ final scores will be calculated based on votes from the commission and online users: half of the maximum points will be given by the commission and the other half – by the users through the online poll. Nominees with the most points in respective categories will be declared as the winners.

This year the winner awards will be held in the Palace of the Grand Dukes in Vilnius on March 29.