Candidate for the Minister of Justice of Lithuania: “A Consensus will be Sought on Same-Sex Partnerships”

According to Milda Vainiūtė, the candidate for the Minister of Justice of the Republic of Lithuania and Mykolas Romeris university’s law professor, a consensus will be sought in society regarding the introduction of same-sex partnerships.

„Regarding this issue, a common solution, a common consensus will be sought in society and only after [that] decisions will be made,” after the meeting with Dalia Grybauskaitė, the President of Republic of Lithuania, commented the candidate for the Minister of Justice when asked about same-sex partnerships.

When inquired whether it is possible to reach a consensus within society on this controversial issue, the candidate said she hopes it is possible.

Ms. Vainiutė’s candidacy for the Minister of Justice was suggested by the Social Democratic party of Lithuania. It’s already a fourth candidate suggested by the party. The first candidate was Darius Petrošius, former member of the Parliament of the Republic of Lithuania. However, he pulled out his candidacy after receiving criticism regarding his possible links with controversial businessman Arūnas Pukelis. Another politician suggested by the party was the chairman of the Parliament’s Committee on Legal Affairs Julius Sabatauskas. However, he was rejected by the Lithuanian Peasant and Greens Union due to his “age and politics”.

Recently the Social Democratic party suggested a member of their own party Julius Pagojus. The president approved him as the Minister of Justice of the newly formed Government, however, he also pulled out his candidacy when it was revealed that the politician had been caught driving under the influence last year and failed to acknowledge it publicly.

Ms. Vainiūtė previously worked as a legal advisor of President Valdas Adamkus and as an advisor for the President Dalia Grybauskaitė during her first term of presidency.