First ever straight couple to become civil partners in the UK

A straight couple have become the first ever to become civil partners in the UK after a ceremony on the Isle of Man, which lies between England and Ireland.

The pair, Adeline Cosson, 24, and Kieran Hodgson, 22, entered their partnership at a small ceremony, with two witnesses, in the island’s capital.

Civil partnerships between men and women are not legal anywhere else in the UK; they became legal on the small island on July 19.

The Isle of Man has usually followed the rest of the UK in laws concerning marriage. Gay marriage became legal there in 2011, seven years after it was in the UK.

Homosexuality only became legal in 1992: nearly 30 years later.

The couple said they want to get married one day, but a civil partnership in the meantime provides them with similar benefits to a marriage.

In France, where Cosson comes from, civil partnerships are available to everyone.

‘It helps couples move forward without having to get married right now,’ she said. The couple said they were ‘very proud’ of the ceremony.